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Biohacking The Brain

By Dr. Noelani Rodriguez, ND   Who doesn’t want better memory, more focus and improved cognition? What can we do naturally to enhance and preserve our brain function? From herbs and mushrooms to nutrients, I will discuss a few of

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Estrogen: The Flow Throughout A Woman’s Life

By: Dr. Noelani Rodriguez, ND   Throughout various stages of a woman’s life her estrogen levels change. Between pre-puberty, going through puberty, monthly cycling, pregnancy, peri-menopuase, and post-menopause, our hormones are constantly fluctuating.   To start, let’s talk a little

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Collagen For Anti-Aging Skin Support

By Dr. Noelani Rodriguez, ND When I am working with patients to either maintain their skin integrity or rejuvenate their skin, collagen is one of the main supplements I am recommending.   Collagen, as we know, is already naturally occurring

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