IV Therapy and Vitamin Injections

Advantages of IV Therapy

IV therapy ensures 100% absorption of nutrients and fluids. By bypassing the oral route, it allows for a controlled flow of electrolytes and fluids, which can be essential for certain illnesses. Additionally, IV therapy facilitates rapid replenishment of depleted nutrients such as B vitamins, electrolytes, Vitamin C, amino acids from protein, and more. This form of therapy is not limited to hospital settings and can also be integrated into a healthy active lifestyle, offering maximum nutrient absorption.

Duration of IV Drip

All our IVs typically take about 30 minutes once the IV is set up and flowing, making them convenient and easy to fit into a busy schedule.

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Vitamin Injections

A vitamin injection, also known as a “vitamin shot,” is an intra-muscular injection of nutrients, such as B vitamins, directly into the muscle tissue. The injection is typically administered in the gluteus muscle (buttocks), quad muscle (thigh), or deltoid muscle (shoulder). This treatment takes only a few minutes and causes minimal discomfort. Results can be experienced or noticed within 5-30 minutes.

Benefits of Vitamin Injections

Did you know that oral absorption of supplements typically results in about 30% absorption? Vitamin injections offer a quick and convenient way to receive a nutrient boost with 100% absorption. They are especially beneficial for individuals who are not suitable candidates for IV therapy or have challenging veins. Vitamin injections can be customized to cater to each individual’s specific needs.

Vitamin Injection Menu

  • Vitamin B12 ($25)

    Excellent for energy, detoxification, and cellular function.

  • Glutathione ($35)

    A key antioxidant in the body, promoting liver support, skin health, and cellular function.

  • Vitamin D ($50)

    Crucial for immune health, bone health, calcium absorption, and mood support.

  • B Complex ($30)

    Essential for overall body function, detox support, and skin health.

  • Immune ($50)

    Boosts the immune system, helpful for prevention, fighting, or recovery from colds

  • NAD Injection ($100)

    Provides energy, mental focus, fatigue/exhaustion relief, anti-aging properties, and supports detoxification.

  • MICC ($35)

    Ideal for energy enhancement, fat burning, and muscle recovery after exercise.