PRP Microneedling Facial

The Meaning of "PRP"

PRP stands for ‘platelet-rich plasma.’ It is derived from blood and contains growth factors and healing signals that promote tissue recovery and regeneration.

What Is the PRP Microneedling Facial Treatment

The PRP Microneedling Facial offers a range of benefits, including:

How PRP Microneedling Works

The PRP microneedling facial involves using a microneedling pen to create numerous micro-channels in the skin, which triggers the body’s natural wound healing process. This leads to skin rejuvenation from within, supporting cellular turnover and collagen production, resulting in healthier-looking skin. Combining the microneedling pen treatment with PRP and Hyaluronic Acid further aids in the rejuvenation process by stimulating growth signals and hydrating the skin.

PRP Microneedling Facial Procedure

Here’s what to expect during the PRP Microneedling Facial: 

Downtime After a PRP Microneedling Facial

After the treatment, it is recommended not to wash your skin for at least 4 hours to allow the PRP to work on the skin. Your skin may be sensitive for 48-72 hours, and it is advised to avoid sun exposure and makeup during this time. Only a clean, light moisturizer should be used for 24-36 hours after the treatment.

Not a One-and-Done Magic Trick

The PRP Microneedling Facial is a procedure that stimulates natural collagen synthesis, skin rejuvenation, and cellular turnover. While individual results may vary, a series of 3-4 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart is recommended for optimal outcomes. Consistent treatments are necessary to support skin regeneration and renewal.

Variation in Microneedling Pens

Not all microneedling pens are equal. The Skin Pen is the first FDA-approved microneedling device on the market, ensuring consistent needle depth for precise micro-abrasions to the dermis (skin). This means that not all pens will have the same efficacy with each treatment.